About Rent

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Rent in the Making of a Broadway Musical

     The musical production of Rent, was created by Johnathan Larson and directed by Michael Greif. Larson suddenly died on the eve of the show's first off-Broadway in 1996. The opening was to a sold-out, extended limited engagement and went on to win every major best musical award. Rent is now the 9th longest running show in Broadway history.


      Rent is a rock opera written by Jonathan Larson and based loosely on Puccini's classic 1896 Boradway Musical La Boheme Rent is about 8 friends in New York Cityís East Village in the 90ís. In which they fight to survived because of disease, drugs, and of course housing. Also it involves relationships between friends and lovers, some of them gay and lesbian, drag queen, HIV-positive and healthy. In which they fight because of all this things but trying not to lose their dignity.

Singing Seasons of Love/ "Rent" The Movie

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